Six on Saturday – Blushing Bromeliads

Time to join the SOS gang yet again. My Bromeliads and vegetable garden are doing their winter thing.

First up, the Blushing Bromeliad. I think these are Neoregelia carolinae. The foliage is solid green until we have a cold snap, then the plant blushes, staying red until summer returns.

Another Neoregelia Bromeliad, this is ‘Luca’ showing its deeper winter coloration.

Other Bromeliads flower in winter. This is a bud stalk, probably three feet tall, from an unnamed (or forgotten) Brom that has been in the garden for several years. The flower is a surprise. It should be interesting to watch the evolution.

This one, Quesnelia testudo, is considered by some to be the tulip of South Florida. The flowers last about a month.

I continue to harvest and enjoy fresh vegetables. The snow peas (mangetout) are wonderful cut into matchsticks raw and added to salad.

I finally got some good radishes – do I know how or why? Not really. This is a French Dressing or French Breakfast radish, name depends on who supplies the seed. These are my favorite and always cleaned and eaten immediately after harvesting. Irresistable. I shall plant another bag full before it gets too hot.

That is six from my South Florida garden. To see more SOS posts, visit

Happy Gardening!!


14 comments on “Six on Saturday – Blushing Bromeliads

  1. Those bromeliads are amazing, I just love sharing them with you. Radishes are great too, and you have reminded me to get some seed!


  2. tonytomeo says:

    Radishes are grown now and in autumn here, but do not do much through winter in between. I mean, they might be finishing up now if they grew through winter, but really only by chance. It can be a bummer. I know that some people can grow them whenever they want to here. I suppose it is just a matter of finding that situation that suits them, or perhaps two situations, with one cool through summer, and the other warm through winter.


  3. fredgardener says:

    I also ate my first radishes this week. But I only have a few, so I sowed some again last Thursday! 😀
    Very nice bromeliads and these mangetouts look appetizing!

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  4. Your veggies look so good. How many Bromeliads do you have? When I went to garden club, a member used to bring them in and everyone was in awe of them. He grew them in a greenhouse.

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    • Thanks, no clue how many Broms. I tend to pick up cuttings along the way – plants are very expensive and they multiply like mad. My joke is you really need 5 and patience for a garden, I have been throwing some out they are doing so well – in the ground. No patience for a greenhouse. Always a surprise what pops up.

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  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful bromes! I esp. like the spotted pinkish one. Looks like a star-filled sky.

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  6. I love the Quesnelia testudo but honestly it was the fresh tomatoes that made me drool!

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