Cocoplum – Chrysobalanus icaco


Ahh, the ubiquitous Cocoplum, the workhorse shrub for the Treasure Coast. You gotta love it ..takes a licking and keeps on ticking. This picture is from the Winn Dixie parking lot. The shrub is irrigated but it also still alive, amazing.

Cocoplums are native to South Florida and will grow in seaside areas and elsewhere with little or no supplemental irrigation. The are two varieties- the coastal, which is low and tumbling medium texture shrub and the inland which will reach heights of 15 feet and may be pruned into a nice small tree. The inland variety is typically used as a clipped hedge and has a reddish tint to the new foliage.

You have to find a true Zone 10 native if you are looking for someone who actually likes to eat the Coco Plums. The shrubs do bear fruit, apparently, it is something like grits if you grow up on it you like it otherwise, not so much…the people who like Cocoplum fruit are usually true connoisseurs of mangoes as well and hopefully, if they grow Mangoes this is whats is in your gift basket, not the Cocoplums.


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