The further north you get

This week I have been doing some work in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. I was sitting with a friend in traffic on the 1-95 entrance ramp and I asked her how many people were in the Miami Metro area, she asked Suri (being an IPhone fan) Well, Suri couldn’t find it, but me-the anti-Suri (and I love my Android phone) could find it. The answer being 5 million in the Great Miami – Ft. Lauderdale Dade Metro area. Or something like that, so, I decided to look up Metro Atlanta, oops, 5 Million as well. Really, the whole reason I left Atlanta. OK, maybe I did not know 4.98 million of the other people but their cars were certainly in my way – a lot. 

Basically, we have Atlanta with palm trees and seemingly many more high rise buildings on the beachfront. Several people have commented that South Florida is too crowded. I think they are referring to Greater Miami whatever. Here on the Treasure Coast things are less developed and the locals are making damn sure it stays that way.

Peculiarly enough, during the course of my business in Miami – I heard the comment “the further north you get the nicer the people are”…I am not sure about this not finding people in Miami to be particularly nasty or whatever generates this comment. I have also encountered some rather odd theories about the not niceness of people from New Jersey. Curious, my Mother, a dyed in the wool Southerner, discounted Yankees as a group..not nice at all..No real exception for New Jersey. And if there had been one, I would have heard about it.

I digress. I will have to say I am not finding people in this area to be that much nicer. If it is true that the further north you get the nicer the people it stands to reason that people from New Jersey should be really nice. I suppose I will have to scratch my head over this for awhile. What is nice about things north of Greater Miami is that if people know you, they will send you a bill rather than requiring a check on the spot. Traffic is much lighter, as an escapee of a large metropolitan area, practically non-existent.  Maybe that has something to do with, as well as a generally low stress ‘we can do that man~ana’ attitude. I think that drives the people from New Jersey crazy.







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