More Crotons – Codiaeum variegatum

More Crotons
There are many different varieties of Croton, the names range from Sloppy Painter to Mrs. Robinson (not sure I even want to know the reason for that name!)

Here is a picture of two additional types of Crotons. On the left side, the Petra Croton, which grows to 8-10 feet and has many uses as a large shrub. I often see these planted and pruned into being ugly because they are naturally taller. This plant has a coarse texture and pruning chews up the leaves.
So, remember, if you want something tall..plant something tall, don’t beat it up for being tall.

On the right is the Gold Dust Croton, I would tend to use this more as an accent plant – both of these shrubs would look wonderful in a tapestry style hedge planting.

It is strange, there is another Gold Dust plant..Gold Dust Aucuba. It is one of those you love it or you hate it plants. This particular shrub will not make it in South Florida but it does from South Georgia almost to Chicago..One of the more opinionated plants around, usually “my Grandma had those and I hate em”
Well, a little Gold Dust in a dark corner is a good thing it a Croton or an Aucuba.


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