In a Vase on Monday – No Salad Here

This is a spring mix of flowers from my garden. Spring mix is a kind of packaged salad greens I am not particularly fond of. Too bitter, I think it is the tatsoi I don’t like, or it is my husband referring to it as yard clippings? Anyway, there is no salad here and one of the cast members in this arrangement is poisonous, so we won’t be eating any of it.

I am pleased to have grown this poisonous Ranunculus, with the innocent sounding common name Persian Buttercup. This one looks like a tiny red rose and there is one more bud outside. This was a total experiment. I am supposed to be too far south to grow these and bought the bulbs at an end of summer sale. The bulbs arrived fried and I put them aside and completely forgot about them until they were desiccated shells. An old pot with soil in it appeared in the back yard and I had a ‘hate to throw things away’ moment and dumped the shells into the pot. An odd rainy, cold snap arrived, chilled and rehydrated the bulbs. Serendipity intervened and this is the first of probably two Ranunculus my garden will ever produce.

The rest of the blue, ‘Black and Bloom’ Salvia; white spikes, ‘White Flame’ Salvia; pink and white fringed flowers, Giant Dianthus; a little Pink Snapdragon; green Envy and pink Zinnias; the red Ranunculus; yellow ‘Golf Beauty’ Craspedia, and a few bits of Asparagus Fern. The vase was a gift from my older brother.

Thanks to Cathy at for hosting this weekly garden meme. To see more vases, follow the link.

Happy Gardening!!


19 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – No Salad Here

  1. Simply gorgeous…love the color of your serendipitous ranunculus. I’m also not a fan of something in ‘Spring Mix’ greens—and your husband’s description is quite apt and gave me a chuckle.

    Happy gardening!

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  2. Donna Donabella says:

    That is serendipitous with the Ranunculus. I have never grown them but I love the look of them. Perfect in your spring garden vase.

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  3. You have a nice mix of spring flowers.

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  4. Cathy says:

    So lovely – and a real mixed bag. I love to see the combinations you share with us, comparing the different flowering times with the UK, if we can grow them here. I am excited to have two buds on a ranunculus too – your red one is a glorious colour and when it opens more it will be stunning! My craspedia germinated well and I pricked them out today, so far, so good! 👍

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Persian buttercup looks French to me. I do not know why. It looks like something that would grow in frilly flower gardens in France or Canada. Sadly, I do not believe that they are reliably perennial here.

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  6. Eliza Waters says:

    I love ranunculus, but I can’t grow them either. I wonder since you could grow them in less than ideal conditions, if you could try again next fall potting them up for another go? I like your salad mix analogy for this week’s vase!

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  7. Kris P says:

    I’m glad the Ranunculus came through for you, even if it turns out to be a one off deal. The last time I grew Ranunculus from bulbs was a bust so this year I picked up 2 plants at my local garden center, already sprouted, and they’re doing fine so that may be my go-to arrangement in the future. The bulbs have never come back for a second year in any case.

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  8. Cathy says:

    Spring is all about mixes – and you have a lovely mix of different colours and different sized flowers. The Ranunculus is getting its revenge in such a nice way, flowering to spite you! LOL! The vase itself is very striking Amelia… many of my vases are light and top-heavy but this looks nice and sturdy.

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  9. Annette says:

    This is a cheerful and unusual mix which would be impossible in our climate as things flower at different times. The ranunculus looks very special. I planted some which never came up, maybe I should treat them rougher? I think the Craspedia was part of a bouquet I bought at our market last year. Is it a perennial? It certainly looks great as part of a bouquet.

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    • Thank you, Annette. Winter in Florida is when summer flowers from where you will grow. It seems strange to me as I am from further north. I don’t think I have talked to anyone who had any luck with the Ranunculus. They are in a grow bag in part sun. Craspedia is an annual as far as I know, one of those South African things, I think.

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