In a Vase on Monday – Two Yards of Flowers

Last week I commented that one of the flowers in the arrangement was three feet long. This was a Blanchetiana Bromeliad. I decided to cut a whole flower to use in a vase. The flower turned out to be closer to six feet long. Two yards or nearly two meters. I cut about four feet including the stem and realized the flower was too heavy to put in a vase, so I used some ‘florets’ – kind of like broccoli. The florets are the orange and yellow arching accents in the vase. Here is the entire flower:

Blanchetiana Bromeliads (Aechmea blanchetiana) are a common sight in South Florida. It is a big plant, six feet tall with orange foliage and they spread very well, probably too well. I was astonished the first time I saw one, thinking of bromeliads as small houseplants. There are some with flowers up to 10 feet!

The rest of the vase:

Florets of Blanchetiana Bromeliads; varigated foliage is Piecrust Croton (Codiaeum varigatum).

White flowers are ‘Miss Alice’ Bougainvillea; tropical green foliage is Split Leaf Philodendron (Philodendron selloum). The big crystal vase is a wedding gift from a dear friend. I rarely use this vase as it requires a lot of flowers – maybe two yards.

Thank you to Cathy at for hosting my weekly favorite, IAVOM. Follow the link to see more vases.

Happy Gardening!!


18 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – Two Yards of Flowers

  1. That is a big flower. Do they fall over or are they able to stay upright?

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  2. Noelle says:

    To my eyes this is so exotic and a real eye catcher. They are so different to our temperate zone flowers and plants. The colour is so rich. Many thanks for sharing.

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  3. Cathy says:

    It is certainly an asset for vases, with its glorious colour – perfect with the croton! Crotons can be grown as houseplants here, but probably still need more warmth than is good for us humans! I always enjoy seeing the different things you come up with for your Monday vases, Amelia

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  4. Kris P says:

    I’ve never seen a bromeliad that big here. As previously mentioned, I seldom even see the plants flower here. Both Southern California and Florida may be able to grow citrus but SoCal can’t grow the bromeliads that Florida can.

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  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Nice one! It reminds me of the feathered headdress of a Vegas dancer. The Blanchetiana adds flare and the piecrust croton are the feathers. 🙂

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  6. Horticat says:

    Wow! Your bunch is about as tropical as they get, Amelia! I love seeing your arrangements as they are so different to the temperate bunches. What an amazing bromeliad!

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  7. I was thinking of a headdress from Les Folies Bergere in Paris – such a stunning flower!

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  8. Cathy says:

    That was interesting to see the whole flower. The ‘florets’ look really pretty in your vase and I bet they aren’t often used for flower arrangements. And Miss Alice is just gorgeous. 😃 Isn’t it nice when you have enough flowers to fill a big vase. 😉

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  9. tonytomeo says:

    Where I lived in town, the suburban homes had small yards. Because I did not grow many flowers within mine, I would have needed to go to two yards to get enough flowers for a vase.


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