Six on Saturday – Tropical Fun

Summertime brings the rain and humidity – the more tropical plants love it and respond with fantastic flowers. Above is a Ylang Ylang (Canaga odorata) This is the primary floral scent in Chanel No. 5. I have a newly planted tree in my garden, this one is at a local nursery (Pinder’s Nursery, Palm City, Florida) I could not resist taking a picture to share.

A Strangler Fig (Ficus aurea) growing out of the top of my coconut palm tiki. There is a large Strangler Fig in the garden. These trees are a bit like something from a Harry Potter movie. They start in the top of something, grow over and down to put their roots in the ground and slowly surpass the host plant. They are commonly seen growing in the boots of palm trees.

A Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) seedling sprouted by a friend. I need to plant it about halfway down the coconut. Should have a tree in several years. Palms are surprisingly slow growing.

Blanchetiana Bromeliads are shooting up bloom spikes. These are about five feet tall and will get taller before opening. The flowers usually last until November or December; then I make Christmas wreaths with them. Above is the red variety. Below is the yellow, some call them Lemon – this is the first yellow one to flower, I am interested to see the difference.

The sixth:

Nam Doc Mai Mangoes getting bigger. A couple blew away in a thunderstorm, so I am hoping to eat this one someday.

Happy Gardening to all and thanks to Jon the Propagator for hosting SOS. To see more posts, visit


20 comments on “Six on Saturday – Tropical Fun

  1. fredgardener says:

    I had a coconut palm that I brought back from Martinique. I kept it potted for 2 and a half years but unfortunately it didn’t like last winter which was fatal. The heart rot.
    ( I kept it in the house away from the heaters and used rain water to spray it daily….a bit too much maybe )
    Good luck for yours!

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Your garden is exotic compared to mine! I can imagine tropicals loving your hot/humid conditions.Do strangler figs take over? Images of the temple ruins of Angkor Wat come to mind. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tonytomeo says:

    Ah, Chanel #5. That was my Mother’s fragrance. I got one of her half empty ounce bottles of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. susurrus says:

    I have never seen Ylang Ylang before, although I am familiar with its fragrance – what a glorious picture! It somehow looks just like it ‘ought’ to look from the scent.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Cathy says:

    It’s wonderful seeing all your exotic plants! 😃 The coconut palm seedling is especially fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That is really interesting about the strangler fig. Plants are amazing.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Pádraig says:

    Isn’t ylang ylang an aphrodisia? No wonder those Chanel gurus sell so much of it!
    Strangler Fig, on the other hand, might not top the horticultural bestseller list. However, it could have its uses!


  8. Megan Hall says:

    Refreshing to see some tropical plants which I don’t know 🙂


  9. CarolCooks2 says:

    A lovely collection of tropical plants..I hope your coconut does well they grow like weeds here, lol…As promised a link to dips for fruit

    Liked by 1 person

  10. CarolCooks2 says:

    My pleasure 🙂 x


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