Six on Saturday – Simple Treasures

I am joining the SOS group again to share six garden related images. This Saturday I was thinking of all the simple plants I enjoy everyday, most are in containers by a doorway leading outside.

I keep succulents in containers on my south facing front porch. Many of these would drown if left outside during the rainy season. I found the strawberry pot by the side of the road, thinking when I picked it up “these things are useless”. Then, I filled it with sand and a little potting soil I had around and put some cuttings in.Voila, one of my favorite containers. To my knowledge, these are Haworthia, Graptosedum, and Echeveria in the top. Flapjack Kalanchoes are hanging out of either side and a Tillandsia and Graptosedum are hanging out in grey at the bottom. The pot is a bit of trick to water – dribble is the best way to water.

Fishhook Senecio hangs over the side of a former table lamp base that belonged to my parents.

This is another container in my back garden with Mona Lavendar Plectranthus and chartreuse Coleus (maybe that is Plectranthus, too?)

A very happy Tropical Red Salvia growing in a pot of Bay Leaf on the back porch. These two peacefully coexist and I think the Bay may like the shade from the Salvia.

Fresh Rosemary, Oregano, Basil and Bay Leaf from my pots. There was a buy one get on free sale on turkey breasts at our grocery store. So, I am making a Balsamic Herb Roasted Turkey Breast for dinner. My husband smoked his and it is finished and on the counter. Not really sure what’s for dinner.

Not sure if smoked turkey counts as six. Here is another plant.

I planted a Beautyberry (Calliocarpa americana) by my screen porch door in hopes it would repel mosquitoes. I am not sure it does, though I do stuff leaves in my shoes sometimes if the bugs get bad (that does work, but you must wear socks) Anyway, the berries are forming rapidly and should show some color soon. It is also still flowering so I should have a long berry season.

That’s my six or seven for this Saturday.

Happy Gardening. Thanks to Jon at for hosting


22 comments on “Six on Saturday – Simple Treasures

  1. Lovely photos again. Never heard of a Beauty berry plant before.

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  2. fredgardener says:

    I always have a good time reading your Six on Saturday because you have a variety of exotic plants that I really like.
    First there is the Fishhook Senecio which I didn’t know and which has a very original shape.
    I do like tooyour whole set of succulents in this pretty terracotta pot.
    Is the callicarpa purple or pink? I have a dark purple and a light purple but started growing a pink from seed. Unfortunately no sign yet … (I haven’t noticed that it repels mosquitoes here either … )

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautyberry is a bug repellent? Good to know!
    I love the color combo of Lavender Plectranthus and chartreuse Coleus – beautiful!

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  4. I like the vase made from an old lamp. Something to consider. I never heard about beautyberry as a repellent. I’ll have to try it.

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    • Thanks, I enjoy that vase as well. my father made a wood top for it and wired it. People in Missouri use Beautyberry foliage as a repellent. I have to look into that, there was research being done about a chemical in the plant and I don’t know how it turned out. Don’t put the foliage next to bare skin. I crush it an stuff it into tennis shoes.

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Beautyberry repels insects (perhaps)? Well, that is useful information that will make me feel less guilty about procuring some for an otherwise ‘utilitarian’ garden.

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  6. Always interesting to see what you are growing – very different to what we have here. How was the turkey?

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  7. Chloris says:

    I love your succulents. And that is a lovely plectranthus. I grow callicarpa but it never has as many berries as yours. But as an insect repellant? That is a new one for me.

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    • Thanks, Liz. There was a study going on about the possiblility of making a mosquito repellent. I am guessing it did not work out. The dragonflies here usually do a good job on the biting insects though I resort to Beauty berry sometimes. I never had berries like this further north and this one is in full sun, which seems crazy?


  8. Tracy Perez says:

    The turkey looks wonderful, yum.


  9. Pádraig says:

    I’m with Fred… The succulents look great. They’re obviously doing well in your climate. Not sure damp Irish weather would be to their liking.
    I also love the red Salvia. Such a great plant.
    Finally, the containers themselves add a lovely touch to the garden, and particularly your parents’ lamp base. I got to be on the look out for something similar.
    Have a great gardening week, a chara.

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