Dirty Little Secrets in the Garden


Since I live in the former ‘Pineapple Capital of the World’ I feel compelled to eat a lot of the fruit; and then attempt to grow more. The dirty secret? I cut the tops off and throw them into the front foundation planting in my garden. If they take root, yay! Then they get moved to the pineapple patch in my pollinator garden.

These two are coming along nicely and will join their friends in the backyard. Eventually, I will have homegrown pineapple.


Here is their destination:



Here is a link to more information about pineapples.


Happy New Year, I think I need some pineapple in a festive cocktail later….




7 comments on “Dirty Little Secrets in the Garden

  1. Could that be plant recycling? I am always throwing cuttings and plants with seeds into my wooded area and surprisingly many grow. My pile around my composter becomes a plant shop.

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  2. Chloris says:

    So that’s how you grow pineappples. You can just sling the bits you don’t eat out of the window and they grow for you. It wouldn’t work here.

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    Our big compost pile collects greenwaste from a big cafeteria kitchen. You would not believe what comes up in it. We also dump horse manure there. We find potatoes and onions under all that poo, and tomatoes on top. I bring them to the crew, and no one asks questions.

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