Six on Saturday – The Deluge


One day this week we had 4 or 5 inches of rain,  this wheelbarrow full of water is from that storm. The crushed shell residue is from my work on the cleaning and touching up the pathways in my garden.

Below you can see the cleaner part at the bottom of the photo is the new shell, well water irrigation has been staining the shell rust, and I have redone the irrigation so it doesn’t spray on the walkways – the rain helped by compacting the shell.



The rain also made this fungus open and let loose their spores. We called these puffrooms when I was a child. And stomped on them.


I had to tie the Snow Peas up.


The rain also gave me some flowers: Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans)


And a new flush on the Porterweed (Stachytarpeta jamacaensis)


A little rain can be a good thing, it has been fairly dry here lately. I just looked at the weather radar, more storms on the way!

That’s the six from my garden this Saturday.

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Happy Gardening. Stay dry.


8 comments on “Six on Saturday – The Deluge

  1. Something good came from the rain. We are getting it Monday and we will have summer temperatures until then.

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  2. Lora Hughes says:

    The flowers are really lovely. I didn’t realise water could stain shell in that way. Hopefully that problem’s now gone. I can’t imagine getting a full wheelbarrow of water! But since you needed it, that was great.

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  3. Oh the rain
    My garden is slooshing

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  4. Karen says:

    We had 4 1/2 inches here in Vero Beach, the most in a single December day ever. I’m sure all the trees we happy with a good drenching.

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    You go more in one day than Trona gets all year! Their average annual rainfall is four inches. We got more than a foot of rain from a long drawn out storm (or series of storms that crashed together) that lasted a few days, which was comparable to the average annual rainfall in my former neighborhood just on the other side of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


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