Six on Saturday – Winter Veg

This is not actually Winter Veg, it’s Muhly Grass growing next to the Winter Veg and hard to resist.


Here is the Winter Vegetable Garden, the first half just coming up. It is too hot in South Florida in summer for many vegetables to pollinate. I have Tomatoes, Snow Peas, Radishes, Carrots, Green Beans and Cilantro.


Papayas. I have Avocado and Lime trees in the garden, if they were old enough they would have fruit at this time of year. Two years to go on those trees, it takes five years from seed.


The Pineapple patch, no pineapples yet. And the feature dead solar pathway light.


More seeds coming up, Cactus Zinnias, Winter Flowers not Veg.


The seeds. The most irksome thing, the Cosmos seeds didn’t come up.


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29 comments on “Six on Saturday – Winter Veg

  1. Looking good. I put in my lettuce garden. How long does it take to get a pineapple?

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  2. Very healthy looking seedlings! The papaya looks very appetising but does it take a long time to ripen on the tree? Interesting Six.

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  3. That looks like a pawpaw tree – lucky you!

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    You must be excited as your gardening season begins in earnest. Love those little zinnias, promising great things to come!

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  5. The Muhly Grass is very pretty. I need to add a few more grasses to the garden.

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  6. Chloris says:

    Lovely grass. Wonderful to grow your own papaya.

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  7. Karen says:

    Wishing you a bountiful crop from your vegetable garden. What kind of tomatoes are you growing?

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  8. Well how wonderful to have the promise of papaya and avocados even if other veg don’t germinate well.

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  9. Lora Hughes says:

    This is so interesting – I would never have guessed it would be too hot in Florida to grow beans & tomatoes. Definitely not what I think of as winter veg. Love that grass, too.

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  10. tonytomeo says:

    How are pineapples planted? Do they come in six packs like other vegetable plants?

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