In A Vase on Monday-Trading Vases & Places


The flowers in my vase this week are Cattleya Orchids, from a plant gifted to me several years ago by my neighbor. I have been watching this plant for years, moved it around in the garden – nothing. Finally – three buds appeared, weeks ago. I watched, waited and watched some more, not a sign of opening. Just big, juicy buds displaying a tasty reticence.  I occasionally had to chase some leering grasshopper away. Sigh, more waiting.

After a rough couple of weeks,  my husband and I decided we needed a change of scene and took a few days to walk on the beach and rest. We packed up Alan the Greyhound and some coolers and headed to a lovely semi deserted beach miles from home.


Of course, I checked the Orchids just prior to leaving and one bud was opening! Sigh, again. Hoping I wouldn’t miss the show, off we went. The picture is sunrise on North Hutchison Island, Florida.


Deciding to cut the flowers was easy, I have two more buds and these were browning on the edges a bit. I’ll enjoy them in the house as long as they last. The vases (three again) were another story. Seeking a simple container for these complex flowers; I decided they needed a backdrop of a big tropical leaf (Seagrapes – Coccoloba uvifera). For vases, I started with a rose teapot, then went to the black vase, then the glass vases.

No leering grasshoppers in my house, but I did bring in a little bee.






26 comments on “In A Vase on Monday-Trading Vases & Places

  1. Noelle says:

    Oh, what a lovely arrangement….peaceful…and I do hope your holiday together proved to be just what was needed.

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  2. Christina says:

    Exquisite flowers, I’m so glad you did get to see them.


  3. Beautiful flowers. I’m glad they waited for you. Some of my best always seem to bloom over vacation.

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  4. What a dramatic arrangement with the black and white. Hope Florence is leaving you alone.

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  5. Cathy says:

    Just superb – hope you felt peaceful and happy after your break.

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  6. Cathy says:

    Worth waiting for, and I am glad you managed to take a probably much needed break too – lovely photo of the sunset as well

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  7. Eliza Waters says:

    Cattleyas always make me think of old-fashioned ‘grandma’ corsages. 😉 I love the yellow eye against the pure white. Are they fragrant?

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  8. Peter Herpst says:

    So elegant and pretty. Hope you enjoyed the change of scene for a few days!

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  9. Kris P says:

    The idea of you staring down a leering grasshopper is priceless! Your Cattleya flowers were definitely worth your patience. I’ve discovered that orchids do take their time to bloom and also that some won’t bloom until their roots are crowded – of course, I learned this after potting most of mine up from the tiny pots the growers had them in.

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    • Laughing with you, the grasshoppers here are yellow and orange and poisonous. And Jurassic huge. Orchids remain a mystery to me, that one is on a bark mount. Love the potting story, live and learn.


  10. tonytomeo says:

    Is that Ficus lyrata foliage in the background? I don’t see much of that. Cattleyas do not grow outside here, and are marginal even in the Los Angeles region. I think they grow in San Diego, but need attention.

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    • The leaf is Sea Grape, Coccoloba. I’ve seen them in Hawaii. I think the Cattleyas probably need the humidity.

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      • tonytomeo says:

        Oh, of course! Sea grape! I did not recognize it because I have never seen it before. How embarrassing!
        Anyway, the lack of humidity is why we do not grow many orchids here. Only the Cymbidiums do well out in the garden, and only if sheltered from frost and direct sunlight.


  11. Chloris says:

    Simply gorgeous Amy. Worth the wait, what a treat. Your holiday beach looks idyllic. Huge, poisonous grasshoppers? Euh!

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  12. Can this be any more stunning? Wow!

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