Bird of Paradise Progression


20160514_174246 (1)


This winter I finally indulged my desire for a Bird of Paradise (Strelizia reginae), debated with myself about placement of the plant, read all sorts of conflicting recommendations, ignored most of them and planted it in a morning sun location that I pass on the daily dog walk. The greyhounds remain unimpressed.

The above picture is full bloom on the first flower. The bud teased me for about two weeks sending a straight stem up that I wasn’t sure if it was a leaf or flower bud, until it started to bend and turn orange and blue.

Thinking these were long lasting flowers I was disappointed when the flower only lasted four or five days. Much to my surprise it bloomed again on the same stem

A curious plant to begin with- I am wondering what it will do next. It seems to be shooting up another something. Stay tuned. Here is the show thus far:


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14 comments on “Bird of Paradise Progression

  1. FlowerAlley says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. LUCKY YOU!


  2. Chloris says:

    A wonderful plant. I used to have one in a pot in the greenhouse but it got too big and heavy to be dragged into the house in winter and it got killed by frost. Weird and perverse to always want to grow things unsuited to our climate. But I always do it.


    • It is a wonderful plant, and still going strong. The leafless one has been my problem, just sitting there. I have succumbed to the weird and perverse trying to grow my favorite, Burgundy Loropetalum here, it fried.


      • Chloris says:

        I tried that too, it died. Killed by frost.

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      • You mean the Loropetalum? Did the Bird of Paradise flower for you?
        Well, consider you can grow Bluebells, Roses, Poppies, Deciduous Magnolias, etc, etc…even Cow Parsley, a plant I just learned about from Gillian. You’ve got some lovely weeds and I have Stinging Nettles..


      • Chloris says:

        The Loropetalum died because I planted it outside. The Bird of Paradise was huge and flowered in the greenhouse for several years until it got so heavy that I couldn’ t bring it into the house for winter any more. My greenhouse isn’ t heated. I look forward to seeing yours in bloom.
        I have plenty of the devil’ s own weeds too. In fact cow parsley is an infernal nuisance.

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  3. Those “birds” are so fascinating. Good luck with it.


  4. George Rogers says:

    Are the greyhounds helping with natural nitrogen fertilization?


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