In A Vase on Monday – Butterscotch Pudding beats the Rose Bowl



I started to use a Rose Bowl for this arrangement, but the bowl must have sensed my true feelings about Roses (too much trouble and ugly shrubs when not flowering) the flowers were just not sitting right so I had to go to a more straight sided container. See picture above, Rose bowl on the left and Fostoria on the right. The picture is to clarify which Rose Bowl  I was writing about, my husband asked if I was blogging about football this week. The other Rose Bowl is a college football game.

I have a set of these Fostoria glasses, inherited from my mother in law. My husband refers to these as the Butterscotch pudding bowls because that is what she served in them. I really don’t know what they are, it is an oddly sized container for food or drink but works well as a vase. Here is a better picture of the Fostoria.


To me the star of the arrangement is a new arrival in my garden, the orange Mexican Honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera), research tells me this plant blooms nearly year round and is a desert tropical that likes regular water. I wonder what these people are smoking who come up with these descriptions sometimes, no doubt something horticultural. Regular water on your desert tropical. Apparently it comes from a weird desert.

The balance of the arrangement contains more Justicia – J. brandegeana, the Red Shrimp Plant in darker red. The lighter red is buds of the Heliconia psittacorum, the white flowers are Bridal Bouquet Plumeria (P. pudica). Greenery is Asparagus and Boston Ferns.


All this talk about Butterscotch Pudding has inspired me to make some. I think from scratch……Just have to find a recipe with actual Scotch as an ingredient.





15 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – Butterscotch Pudding beats the Rose Bowl

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Nice. I like that interesting Mexican Honeysuckle flower.


  2. George Rogers says:

    Love the color combo…and the glass…and butterscotch pudding. Sure would be good in that bowl.


  3. The Fostoria glass makes a perfect vase. And a glass used for butterscotch pudding makes a great receptacle that scrumptious Justicia spicigera. I grew shrimp plant with no problem in my former garden but it promptly died when I tried planting it here – too much sun and too little water was probably the problem.


    • Thanks, I grow the Red Shrimp Plant in partial shade on sugar sand with no irrigation. It is a passalong variety that I haven’t seen in stores – I will be interested to see if that Mexican Honeysuckle works out.


  4. Butterscotch pudding is my husbands favorite….I was wondering what the orange flower was….very cool!


  5. Cathy says:

    I always enjoy seeing what exotic blooms you are going to include each week – always a delight and such a revelation. Thanks for sharing


  6. Hannah says:

    I like the swirl and interesting distortions of the goblet, it makes a great vase, Amelia. The Honeysuckle is such a bright peachy orange, it goes so well with the spiky Heliconia and dark foliage.


  7. Cathy says:

    So exotic – you’ve taken me somewhere hot on a chilly, damp May morning in France. Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Chloris says:

    So glad that you are not blogging about football. The requirements for the lovely Justicia sound like the silly thing you often find on plant labels here. ‘Moist, but well- drained soil.’ Like you I often wonder on what planet such soil is found.
    Such a lovely arrangement.


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