In a Vase on Monday

Here is a taste of the tropics from my garden in South Florida, USA


The orangey Large leaf in the back of the arrangement is a Aechmea Bromeliad “Blanchetiana’ – this particular Bromeliad is available in Lemon, Orange and Raspberry colors, the plant is about 5′ x 5′ with a flower comparable in size. The fern is Boston Fern which is native to my area and grows wild in my garden. The red flowers are Heliconia psittacorum – there are a numerous cultivars and this is an unnamed cross, I think! The white flowers are a branch of my Bridalveil Plumeria, Plumeria pudica, which is evergreen but not particularly scented.

Here is a closer view:


12 comments on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Chloris says:

    How wonderfully exotic, Bird of Paradise, or a close relative and Frangipani. I love it, how wonderful to have flowers like this to brighten up a gloomy November day.


  2. Kris P says:

    Gorgeous and so very Florida! The arrangement is exotic even to the eyes of this southern Californian. I’m trying to grow a Plumeria in a pot – my prior attempts have failed but this time at least I got a few blooms.


  3. A nice tropical look. We have cooled down here to the upper 70’s.


  4. Cathy says:

    How intriguing to read about the differences even within California! It is certainly a very different vase from any we would see from UK gardens – thank you for sharing it


  5. This was a treat to see your tropical vase…fabulous.


  6. Wow! This is stunning. Not just because of the choice of flowers, but because you place them so beautifully. The white at the front: who woulda thunkit? Yet, it’s all so lovely together. You will have to teach me!


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