Weirdness Wednesday – Agave americana flowers

More Tropic Florida weirdness. This looks like something from the Far Side cartoons to me. I posted a photo of the bud in mid August when this Agave americana started sending up a flower stalk:

American Agave bud

American Agave bud

Two and one half months later – the flower stalk is over seven feet tall and has these wonderful chartreuse flowers.

The Stalk

The Stalk

I am guessing these are florets? The flowers start out looking like rectangular budded broccoli and then bloom.

Agave Florets

Agave Florets

I am waiting to see what this plant might do next.

4 comments on “Weirdness Wednesday – Agave americana flowers

  1. Wow! Those tall stalks are really dramatic. Do they need to be in a dry environment?


    • Dramatic is a good description, I do not live in a dry environment but the soil drains freely (sugar sand, for the most part) I have not seen another one of these around here – an old friend from landscape school grew it and gave it to me.

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  2. Chloris says:

    I love your dramatic broccoli plant. A real touch of drama.


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