In a Vase on Monday

11/16 VaseNovember brings some unusual flora and some of the usual suspects to my vase. The unusual ones are the cream colored infill flowers and the Muhly Grass. The cream colored flower is an unknown plant to me – something I let go just to see what would happen. I may live to regret that decision, but part of gardening is the experimentation. The Muhly Grass is what Sweetgrass baskets are made from in the Lowcountry of the Southeastern US, I think of Muhly Grass as Roadsidia but I like its feathery presence in the back of the vase.

I am referring to the pink and red flowers and the foliage as usual suspects because they tend to come and go year round in South Florida. Coral Vine and Shrimp Plants are tender in areas with freezing temperatures. These plants include pink flowers from the Coral Vine, Antigonon leptopus and red ones are from the Red Shrimp Plant, Justicia brandegeana. Foliage from a Painted Fingernail Bromeliad and Boston Fern round out the composition.


11 comments on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. I love the dramatic flowers as they curve and twine and stretch….fabulous.


  2. Beautiful arrangement! Your Coral Vine is a nice addition (I wouldn’t have thought of using that). I have the same flowers blooming here. Can you grow Camellias in Florida?


  3. Christina says:

    Incredible that so many people found pink in their gardens this November day. I love your arrangement, full of life with its curling stems.


  4. Cathy says:

    Very pretty – the curling pink stems make it look so elegant


  5. Kris P says:

    I like all the elements you included in this week’s vase but that Muhly grass makes it shine in my eyes. Every time I see it in bloom, I’m reminded that I need to find space for the plant somewhere.


  6. Chloris says:

    I keep seeing Muhly grass on blogs lately and I can’ t think why it has passed me by, it is gorgeous. I also love your Coral Vine, I wish I could grow it. A really pretty arrangement Amy.


    • Muhly grass is native to most of the US people have trouble growing it in heavy clay soils though it grows in marshes.? Mine is flourishing in the hellstrip, go figure. The Coral Vine is grown as an annual further north you probably could grow it there.thank you, this is a fun meme.


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