Native Plants Class-

I think I have mentioned the natives plants class I have been taking. I decided to look around my neighborhood to see what natives I could find, here they are.

Wild Coffee Psychotria nervosa

IWild Coffee
Psychotria nervosa

Lancewood Ocotea coriacea

Ocotea coriacea

Ficus aurea Strangler Fig

Ficus aurea
Strangler Fig

Firebush Hamelia patens

Hamelia patens

Muscadine Vitis rotundafolia

Vitis rotundafolia

Earleaf Greenbrier Smilax auriculata

Earleaf Greenbrier
Smilax auriculata

Beautyberry Calliocarpa americana

Calliocarpa americana

Nephrolepis exaltata Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata
Boston Fern

Florida Privet Foresteria segregata

Florida Privet
Foresteria segregata

Live Oak Quercus virginiana

Live Oak
Quercus virginiana


2 comments on “Native Plants Class-

  1. Chloris says:

    Your native plants all seem very exotic to me.


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