The reason we Garden

This evening, my husband went to join his motorcycling friends for dinner. The purpose of their outing is more about riding the motorcycles than it is about dinner. I am all about dinner. I decided to keep our dog company as he had recently lost his companion. There was not much in the fridge for dinner and I wasn’t up for cooking. Chopping and assembling works for me.

After looking in the refrigerator, I went to look at the garden, where I had Romaine lettuce, radishes, Basil and Dill. I pulled up what appeared to be ripe garlic while digging around in the garden. I think I should paint a picture of this, a pure white bulb with a bit of cerise around the edges…

My Beautiful Garlic Clove

My Beautiful Garlic Clove

In my refrigerator I found leftover Rosemary Garlic Pork Roast, Grape Tomatoes, Baby Peppers, Carrots, Celery and Cremini Mushrooms. There was some Asiago Peppercorn salad dressing as well.

All Southern ladies should gasp and turn their heads now…I chopped the Romaine and everything else. (Southern ladies tear their lettuce, so sorry) added the leftover pork roast and some Helluva Good Cheese (sharp). The salad was dressed with Asiago Peppercorn and admired:

The Salad

The Salad



The Garlic will be saved for another day.


2 comments on “The reason we Garden

  1. Your salad looks so good. I gave up growing lettuces, as the backyard critters ate most of it. You had mentioned the Violet China. I see we have the same taste in the Portmeirion dishes.

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