Pink is the New Orange

Most of our gardening power tools are a really lovely shade of orange I call “War Damn Eagle Orange” In honor of, or perhaps to spite the fans of my alma mater’s rival Auburn University in Alabama. An Eagle is their mascot, team colors blue and orange. Southeastern Conference college football is serious business.  WDE Orange is very practical in that if you drop something into a green hedge it can be easily found. There is a new and disturbing trend in color for gardening tools. Pink.

Should really practical tools be pink? Some of these saccharine sweet garden implements are starting to get on my nerves. As a woman in the garden do you really need a pink trowel? Or does it match your Yorkie’s pink leopard outfit?

Or is your gardener using an entirely different trowel as you admire his work while having a pink cocktail with said Yorkie? The next question is does the dog have pink painted toenails?  If so,  then things have gone entirely too far and it is time to order one of these:

The Proverbial Pink Powertool

The Proverbial Pink Powertool

To complete the ensemble I have found pink fringed cowhide chaps and an appropriate hardhat:

Once all is assembled, we will need a lady who can actually lift that chainsaw.

Head gear

Head gear


4 comments on “Pink is the New Orange

  1. Chloris says:

    When I asked you if you had a pink chainsaw, I was only joking. I never dreamt that there was such a thing. Once upon a time, baby pink or bright primary colours were for children. It is quite disturbing to find oneself living in world of infantilised adults.


  2. mattb325 says:

    Jeez – at least that chainsaw would never get stolen from the shed!


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