Second Contractor Encounter

We have this electrician working on the house, he has been around so much I feel like he is Eldon, from Murphy Brown, the television series that so offended Al Gore. I was telling him about my concrete curb woes and he says “I know a guy, he has got to be good, the famous Treasure Coast pool builder uses him” Sounds great..

I call this guy, he says “I will be over in 2 hours” I think, “Oh, no, not again” So, he shows up, of course, I have a drawing – and I can tell he thinks this is vastly weird. I just can’t believe how many things get built with no one thinking about it long enough to draw a plan. Scary. So, he gives me this really great price but alas, he does not know how to do the driveway either…I am thinking ??? I say OK will this price include broom finish on the concrete (the most common thing ever done to concrete, it just means is is literally swept with a broom while wet so the surface won’t be slippery) This contractor does not know what that is either.

I decide to keep looking.


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