Non Toxic Weed Killer

Non Toxic Weed Killer

Here it is. Dead Nut Grass. I love it. My mother called these “those awwfull sand burrs” Well, they are awful but this evil weed grows as far north as Minnesota and has higher reproductive powers than rabbits. I am not sure awwfulll sand burrs properly represents the dilemma.

These are correctly referred to as sedges, I think perhaps that gives a herbicide resistant coating to the leaves. My yard being as unmaintained as possible was infested with this plant. For the most part, I can ignore them – it looks sort of like grass if mowed. However, in the paver walkway, it is kind of offensive.

I read up on the weed killers for these things and if you have well water and domestic house pets or children or if you want to support plant life as we know it in the near future; the prescribed herbicides are not desirable. What kills the nut sedge/grass/ sand burrs also kills every else and for a long time after, do you really want this chemical in the groundwater. Really? Ever?

So, I decided to try the non toxic version. Which, oddly enough, kills the evil sand burr/sedge and does not kill your dog, child or render your front yard infertile for generations. I found the recipe here and there online and one of my Greyhounds seems to find it tasty (?) OK, he is a dog. Maybe this is dog salad dressing or something, just stay away from those mustard relative weeds..Dogs love them and they irritate the dog colon. Not pretty, you end up at the Emergency Vet getting Sub-Q fluids. A whole ‘nother post. Charles, the large spotted Greyhound, is OK. Even though he ate the non-toxic weed killer.

A combination of dish soap, vinegar and rubbing alcohol works. Truly meaningful, I am not sure I would use this stuff on my beds or lawn, but walkways, etc. YES!


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