Locavore shell concrete and my first contractor encounter

Locavore shell concrete and my first contractor encounter

This concrete is used in my neighborhood. It speaks of what washes up on the beach around here. Of course, I love it. So, me being me, I trolled around and found the guy who installed it. Of course, me being me, it is very expensive and labor intensive -Locavore concrete! who knew.

Since we really could not afford this insanely cool concrete for our driveway project, and I had decided to recreate the pea gravel driveway with a concrete curbed guest parking space. The contractor referred a local guy to do our teensy curbing project.

I called this guy and he says “I’ll be over in 2 hours” I am thinking, not a good sign. Long story short, he leaves an estimate on my door step that sounds pretty good. My husband says “it doesn’t say he is putting anything to drive on back in. This seems (foolish in retrospect) unlikely to me..I say “of, course he is going to put something back – we have to be able to drive on a driveway.” So the guy calls me while I am frying chicken and says “I don’t know how to do the driveway, I am just going to scrape the front yard off and put in a curb” which really means you can’t drive to the garage and you will have to park on the grass (I use that term loosely) until you happen to find someone who knows how to do a driveway. Seriously?? Yes, I burned myself and then refilled my empty wine glass.

I declined the offer and continued my search.


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