My Dog had a Chiropractic Adjustment

I have a retired racing greyhound, two in fact, I have had a couple of greyhounds for years. They are great dogs, I think everybody should have one (or two) My large spotted dog, Charles, woke up last Sunday in pain. I mean, I was scared there was something seriously wrong.

Off to the emergency vet we went. They said cervical disk disease, in layman’s terms, a pain in the neck. The vets gave him (apparently) some extremely strong new drug (starts with a bu) Charles stood in the Living Room for 10-12 hours panting and slobbering (I thought he had peed on the floor – that much slobber) I thought it best to leave him be on Monday to recover and got my regular vet to give me some special food (Science Diet I/D) great stuff if you have a queasy dog. But, he really wasn’t eating and was still staring off into space Monday night. I called first thing Tuesday and took him to the vet that morning.

I live, as far as I am concerned, in the middle of nowhere, yet, our vet is into alternative medicine. She clearly disapproved of the bu-whatever they gave him, said “his neck vertebra is out of alignment”and proceeded to adjust it. A canine chiropractor. Charles is fine and can shake his head again. I think it took nearly a week for the bu-whatever to work its way out of his system. Fortunately, I did not give him any of the additional drugs the emergency vet had prescribed. Painkillers, steroids and and Pepcid for his stomach. Greyhounds and other sighthounds have very little body fat and metabolize things differently than most dogs. My vet did blood tests to make sure the bu did not damage the dog. It didn’t, I am glad I did not give him any additional drugs.

I would not go to a chiropractor, and certainly would never have dreamed of taking my dog (and paying for it) The dog spinal adjustment turned out to be a very good thing. Maybe I will go.

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