Six on Saturday – The Bugs are Back

Thankfully, we had a couple of inches of rain fall this week. Flowers are bursting out and the buzzing of bees in this flower on my Dwarf Pygmy Date Palm (Phoenix roebellini) caused me to look up and take note. It is a pretty flower though not easy to see unless you are a gardener standing under it looking at other plants. Note the thorns on the stems of the fronds, I wear a hard hat when pruning this one. The butterflies are also back – I have been chasing them but as of yet unable to catch one.

Flowers on the Adonidia Palm (Veitchia merrilli). If left on the palm these get much bigger and turn into bright red fruits in December. This is also called Christmas Palm for that reason. Most people cut them off. There is actually a palm pollen advisory in effect.

The final Ranunculus, about a quarter of the size of the first two. No clue why.

The Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) has been spectacular this year. Again, no idea why.

A Latania Palm (Latania loddigesii) I bought as Blue Latan is probably a Red Latan – due to the red leaf margins. This has been in the garden for years and years and has not developed a trunk. I did not realize how slowly palms grow. I hope to see a tree someday. Right now it is still a shrub – palmetto?

Nam Doc Mai Mango ripening. The wind and rain knocked the mango crop from maybe 50 to about 15, which is normal and expected. I was concerned about what to do with 50! Waiting for one of the 15.

That’s my Six this Saturday from South Florida. Where are yours? To see more SOS posts, visit

Happy Gardening!!


12 comments on “Six on Saturday – The Bugs are Back

  1. fredgardener says:

    I have a small red latan palm in my greenhouse and the leaves are really red. I’ll take a pic when I get back and send you to compare. Thanks for sharing the photos of these 2 palm trees. 2 beautiful species you have!

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  2. Wow, fancy being able to grow mango!! lucky you..

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  3. You have a very tropical selection today. I could not name any of them. I guess you didn’t get the torrential rain.

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    • Thank you..pretty much Zone 10, though it continues to surprise me what will grow in Houston. Like Bougainvillea. I am about 2 hours north of Ft Lauderdale. I would guess 2 inches of rain fell here and now I need to water!

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  4. Cathy says:

    A gorgeous little Ranunculus Amelia! Those palm thorns look lethal… I thought the ones on my Blackthorn and Robinia were bad enough! Good luck with the mangoes… I hope they ripen for you one after the other and not all in one go. 😃


  5. tonytomeo says:

    Gee, I never notice pygmy date palm bloom. Well, there are not many pygmy date palm here. When I notice their bloom, it is after they are finished and need grooming.


  6. tzgarden says:

    I’m jealous of the mango, too cold here! The Ranunculus is so pretty.

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