In a Vase on Monday – American Posy

I think of this as a posy, my (I think) American take on the definition of posy or posey – a small flower arrangement. I looked up the definition and came up with two spellings and several definitions. One that surprised me – posey, an informal adjective describing someone who is pretentious and trying to impress others. And I thought it was either a hand tied bouquet or a small flower arrangement!

The weather in South Florida has returned to warm winter and my cutting flowers are starting to bloom. Exactly 3 Zinnias and the everpresent blue Salvia. Enough for a posy, posey or tequila shot glass full of flowers. The vase is from my niece’s wedding. I am surprised to see in writing she has been married for almost eight years.

A closer view:

The Zinnias are: in pink, Cactus mix; in green, Envy; and in peach, Apricot Profusion. Blue spikes are my favorite Salvia, ‘Mystic Blue, and the ferns are Asian Sword Ferns, a garden weed here that is great for vases.

Thanks to Cathy at http://www.ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.cpm for hosting. Follow the link to see more vases.

Happy Monday and Happy Gardening!!


22 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – American Posy

  1. Your zinnias are looking good. It is cold and rainy here and I’m looking at brown plants.

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  2. Cathy says:

    Those zinnias are such fresh colours. aren’t they? Have you got more in bud now. That salvia is a real stalwart, isn’t it? You must be pleased to have returned to your ‘warm winter’!

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    • Yes more zinnias on the way. The cold set them back so I am not sure how well the plants will do.. always more seeds on hand, just in case. Enjoying the sunshine… overcast skies don’t agree with me at all.


  3. Kris P says:

    Zinnias in winter, even in your Florida climate, are impressive! I drooled over your blue salvia too. Most of mine upped and died during our hot, dry summer and fall.

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Very charming! Speaks of summer days… still a long way off for us. 🙂

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  5. Cathy says:

    Very pretty. Salvias and zinnias… what more could one wish for! 😃

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  6. Anna says:

    Oh zinnias and salvias are still a few months off flowering here yet Amelia so it’s encouraging to see your flowers singing in that vase. I especially like ‘Apricot Profusion’ – she looks most dainty in comparison to the other two zinnias.

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Yes, . . . that word sort of made me wonder. Europeans, particularly the English, seem to know what a posey or posy is.

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