Six on Saturday – Porch Pots

Winter is the prime gardening season in South Florida. It is time to start vegetables, herbs and flowers and move back outside. The temps have been in the high 70s (F, 25C), the humidity has dissipated for the most part and there is a nice, refreshing breeze coming off the Atlantic. I replaced all my porch cushions, easier said than done, and have been adding pots to complete the space.

The group from above.

This is a Billbergia Bromeliad. I am not sure which one. I bought it at our local farmer’s market, so it is likely from nearby. The container is antique Portmerion, one of my favorites.

A bowl of Bromeliads and Succulents. The Bromeliads are Fireball Neoregelias. The succulents in grey, Graptosedum; the others are types of Sedum, I think.

What I started with for the bowl. The cuttings are placed in the soil and resting on the edges of the bowl. I topped everything with orchid bark to hide the pots.

A gift from a neighbor, the Pink Star Calathea. These will grow in the garden here, but need more water that I can reasonably provide, so they stay on the porch.

Tomato, pepper and zinnia seedlings on the sunnier porch. My attempt at rooting Mystic Blue Salvia resulted in a 1 out 6 success, I think. I have Papaya, Parsley, Dill and Chinese Forget Me Nots nearby. A mysterious animal took my ID stickers and ate a few seeds.

That’s all from South Florida this December Saturday. To see more SOS posts, visit

Happy Gardening!!


26 comments on “Six on Saturday – Porch Pots

  1. Jim Stephens says:

    Lovely plants as ever, I am coveting Calathea and Billbergia but would have to grow them indoors.

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  2. Su says:

    The multi colored buds on the billbergia are fascinating. It would have to be a house plant here in MN!

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  3. fredgardener says:

    Photo 4, why do you use polystyrene puffs around the pot? Amazing Billbergia ! I love it like all of us I think

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  4. Rosie Amber says:

    How exciting that you are growing seedlings and have lots of lovely plants to brighten your days.

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  5. I have a billergia with the same flowers, but different leaves.

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  6. tonytomeo says:

    Only two species of Billbergia live in the garden here, Billbergia nutans and the species that looks like a larger and coarser version of Billbergia nutans whose name I can not remember. I might bring Billbergia nutans to my own garden, but do not like how overgrown it gets, so might confine it to a pot, just to facilitate grooming. I have grown it since removing it from a colleague’s garden in the early 1990s, so can not stop growing it now. I know this is irrelevant, but do you grow Dichorisandra thyrsiflora?

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  7. Cathy says:

    Love the Calathea and your porch pots. My salvia cuttings were even more of a failure than yours… the last one (dying) out of a dozen or so was put out in the cold in disgust today! Glad you are growing zinnias again. They do so well for you.

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  8. Your succulents are wonderful, looking healthy and clean. Mine suffer from too much sun usually, and collect a lot of cobwebs!

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  9. It’s all wonderful. I especially appreciate seeing how you put together your succulent bowl. Thanks for sharing!

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  10. “A mysterious animal took my ID stickers and ate a few seeds!” 🤣 Amazing!
    Your lovely billbergia has reminded me about the one that is in our greenhouse. It might be a goner now :(. Great pots all round!

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  11. Noelle says:

    The great thing about commenting late, is that I get to see everyone else’s questions and your answers. I just love your Billbergia Bromeliad.

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  12. Eliza Waters says:

    Beautiful porch plants, I love the cutting bowl, great colors and textures! Enjoy your ‘spring.’ 🙂

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