Six on Saturday – In the Bag

My Bag Garden is coming along. I have two kinds of tomatoes ripening and small green beans on the bush beans. This group has tomatoes, green beans, radishes, dill and zinnias. The seeds were planted in September and I used some different soil mixes to see what works best. Of course, the most expensive mix was doing best at first. So, I amended the cheaper, heavier soil mix with compost and Osmocote. Now the cheaper mix is catching up. The first radish planting was a bust as the cheap soil was too heavy for radishes.

When I tied the tomatoes to the cages I pruned the suckers off the plants and put them in a vase to root for a later season set of tomatoes. The suckers are flowering in their vase on the counter behind my kitchen sink.

I am not sure what to think or do about the flowers – cut them off? There is very little natural light in this area, although there is LED lighting above the sink.

The other bags are in a more protected location where I potted everything up. They seemed to be doing well so I left them in their spot.

I have a couple of different kinds of zinnias, sunflowers and mystery seedlings from a cutting flower mix. Nigella surprised me by germinating, not supposed to grow here, so hopefully I get some flowers. This week, with cooler weather, I planted another big pot with snow peas, spinach and cilantro. The sticks in the pot are rabbit and squirrel abatement. I had a great deal of trouble with squirrels when I planted the sunflower seeds. My snowbird neighbors amuse themselves by growing a highly toxic, poison green lawn and feeding the squirrels peanuts – the squirrels in turn tear up my potted plants. The sticks are 24″ reeds from reed fencing and are working well.

This is not quite in the bag. It is in the bromeliad, specifically a frog I spied while looking for a flower. The bromeliad is a Aechmea ‘fasciata’, sometimes called Silver Vase. I think these bloom in winter, but only frogs so far.

There! my six for this Saturday. To see more SOS posts, follow the link:

Happy Gardening!


15 comments on “Six on Saturday – In the Bag

  1. fredgardener says:

    I did the same with my tomatoes before the cold came. I collected suckers that I rooted into water glass and now they are growing in pots in my attic ( but with led lights..poor hopes of getting something in winter …)

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  2. Nice to see your plants coming along. but what are snowpeas and also what do snowbirds look like?

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    • Thanks, snow peas are called mangetout in the UK – interesting, never heard that! Had to look it up. Snowbird is American slang for someone who flees the snowy north and lives in sunny Florida during the winter.

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  3. Your bag garden is doing well. That frog found the perfect hidey hole.

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Tomatoes are looking great. I think you’ve found the secret to gardening in your sugar sand… poly-bags! That little frog is so endearing in the bromeliad. He looks sleepy!

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    I would be inclined to remove the tomato flowers to promote more vegetative growth, particularly roots. I really do not know if it makes much difference for tomato plants though.

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  6. Cathy says:

    The frog was a surprise! I have never heard of using tomato suckers for later plantingā€¦. have you done that before? Happy gardening!

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  7. I have never thought about water-rooting tomato suckers for a later set. I have learned something new today. Thank you!

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