Six on Saturday – The Last Mango, Embarrassed

Time once again for Six on Saturday, six items of interest from your garden shared to Follow the link to see more.

Above is my last mango, perhaps a prune mango. Seasons are changing and South Floridians are gearing up for gardening. I picked my last two Nam Doc Mai mangoes this week – they looked a lot better than this one. It seems the squirrels managed to split the fruit open to eat the seed and ruined my mango.

Tomato seedlings just popping up. These are my favorite cherry tomatoes, Yellow Pear and Sweet 100.

Yesterday was the peak of Atlantic hurricane season, so it is downhill from here. Right on time are the Hurricane Bromeliads budding – Billbergia pyramidalis.

The Ylang Ylang (Canaga odorata) tree is finally getting established. We had a dry spell midsummer and I was not certain it was going to make it, all the foliage turned brown and the branches dried up, so I cut them back to the trunk and it is coming back. Fingers crossed for wafts of Chanel No. 5 scented flowers in the future.

The Blue Pea Vine (Clitoria ternatea) finally made it back after being consumed by rabbits twice. I resorted to bamboo tiger sticks around the vine as rabbit abatement. It has buds and I am awaiting my first flower.

Another summer survivor. I have been trying for years to grow Butterfly Weed for Monarch butterfly larval hosting. Finally, I have buds. I think these buds have been taunting me for two weeks. Bloom already! I saw a few Monarchs hovering around yesterday, so these may be gone soon. It is funny how things called weeds can be so difficult to grow.

Happy Gardening!!!


24 comments on “Six on Saturday – The Last Mango, Embarrassed

  1. Cathy says:

    A tree that smells of Chanel no 5? Wow! That would take me down memory lane each time I pass it! LOL! I keep hearing people recommend that yellow tomato, so must try it next year. Mine are about to go on the compost heap. 😉

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  2. So you have hurricane bromeliads? We have hurricane lilies and mine are not blooming, so I hope that’s a good sign.

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    I bet you are looking forward to the more pleasant gardening days ahead!

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  4. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Interesting that your monarch butterflies eat a different plant from ours. The plat du jour for monarchs here is swan plant. I haven’t seen monarchs for years now, but there were plenty in NZ when I was a child living there. I hope you are well and truly finished with hurricanes now, it has been a bad season for your part of the world.


    • I looked up Swan Plant and have had them in the garden, it is another type of Milkweed, there are a lot of milkweeds I am finding and it is difficult to choose which one works. We will see. How interesting you had Monarchs in NZ! I hope the hurricanes are over as well. I was trying to comment on your fabulous Loropetalum, this is a plant I miss. Not sure why the comment wouldn’t work.

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  5. fredgardener says:

    I was surprised to see the tomato seedlings: do you still grow them at this time of the year ? Until when are you going to eat yours? Here we no longer try seedlings from August because they will never come to an end.
    Very nice foliage of your Butterfly Weed

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  6. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, sad mango. At least it was just one. I sometimes find hollow oranges or mandarin oranges from which squirrels ate the fruit from within the rind. Where my colleague lives in Southern California, rats eat the rind off of lemons so thoroughly that the affected trees seem to produce peeled lemons.

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  7. Pádraig says:

    What is a weed but a plant we do not like? The butterflies will be delighted that you persisted!


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