Six on Saturday – Fruit, Veg and Flower.

My garden is responding to the change in weather by flowering, growing root vegetables and ripening fruit. I am joining The Propagator’s SOS meme this Saturday. To see more SOS from all over the gardening world, visit Jon at

The Papayas are showing the first hints of yellow, which is ripe. I had Papayas December through February last year. Hopefully the same will happen this year. I can only eat so many Papayas at once!

Red radish shoulders peeking out, I am looking forward to eating these guys.

Bush beans budding. I think these are Blue Lake.

Roselles, nearly ready to pick. These are the flowers of an edible Hibiscus, I have been harvesting and freezing them.

San Marzano tomatoes coming along.

Heliconia psittacorum – Parrotflower, one of my favorite cut flowers, I am wondering if they like shorter day lengths to bloom.

Happy Saturday and Happy Gardening….


21 comments on “Six on Saturday – Fruit, Veg and Flower.

  1. Wonderful, fancy being able to grow Papaya. Never see them in the shops over here.

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  2. Paddy Tobin says:

    Papayas and edible hibiscus – so exotic to me and I’d love to try them.

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  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Looks like you have lots coming in… looking forward to seeing parrot flowers in your vases once again. 🙂


  4. Your vegetables are coming along nicely. I’m hoping to get some lettuce in a few weeks. Now I know what is growing at a neighborhood house, papayas. I have been wondering what they were. Are you getting anything from the latest hurricane. I haven’t been watching the weather, just all the other news.

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  5. Noelle M says:

    I buy pawpaws in the shops here and enjoy them for breakfast. They also make the most wonderful jam. If you have them in excess: from my other blog on preserves.


  6. cavershamjj says:

    funny that your veg season is just getting going. my veg plot is almost empty, just a few carrots and beetroot left.

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  7. tonytomeo says:

    Your seasons are so weird. Even here, tomatoes and beans eventually finish for the year, and get planted again at the end of winter. Radishes are just getting started.


  8. Karen says:

    Your garden seems to be thriving although the weather certainly hasn’t been good with all the rain and wind.

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