In a Vase on Monday – Muhly Candy

Not Summer arrived in South Florida on the first of November, I am only too happy to bid farewall to October and Summer. Not Summer brings lower temperatures, less humidity and Muhly Grass flowers, my garden is filled with flowing pink grasses. The candy is the purple Bromeliad flower – it is a Portea Bromeliad, the variety is Candy.

Welcome to the Jungle

I think there is too much Muhly Grass in the garden (with Bottle Palm in top of image) but I am really enjoying them this Fall/Not Summer.

A close up:

The purple flowers with a pink stem (how often do you get to say that?) is Portea ‘Candy’ Bromeliad, the off white spikes are Juba Bush (Iresine diffusa); Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) in the back; a purple and silver striped sprig of Wandering Jew (Transcandentia zebrina); and the Muhly Grass (Muhlbergia capillaris) in the background.

I have missed a couple of weeks caring for my husband, who is on the mend. Thanks to Cathy for hosting.

Visit Cathy at to see vases from around the world.

Happy Gardening.


19 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – Muhly Candy

  1. pbmgarden says:

    Sorry about your husband–wishing him continued improvement. Your Muhly Grass is wonderful. I used to have it but mine fizzled a few years ago. The bromeliad is a spectacular focus to the arrangement. Take good care.

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  2. Your bromeliad always fascinates me. Does your Wandering Jew run loose?


  3. Noelle M says:

    So pleased your husband is improving, I am sure you are both relieved. May improving health and wellbeing be yours. This is a delightful arrangement. We have been using your term “not summer” under strict orders but with the wet and windy weather we have moved to “not winter”.

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    Another of your great signature designs, Amy. I love Muhly grass, and that bromeliad is so outstanding, what an amazing color!

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  5. Cathy says:

    Sorry to hear your husband has been poorly but pleased to know that he is improving. That muhly grass makes a great impact and the bromeliad spike is such a gloriously colourful bloom and almost looks unreal. How many months of Not Summer have you to look forward to now, Amy?

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  6. Chloris says:

    Your elegant arrangement reminds me of a firework. This is very timely as Thursday is Firework Night here. When I was young, it used to be called Guy Fawkes Night but these days it is considered rude to burn effigies of Catholics. I love your unruly Muhly grass. I see it on blogs but I have never seen it for sale here. I’m not so keen on ‘not summer’ here. Good health to your husband. And to you of course Amy.

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    • Thanks, Liz..Happy Not Guy Fawkes day with fireworks instead??! The Muhly is unruly, though I like the aesthetic. I imagine the soil is too heavy in the UK for it, it thrives in unamended beach sand with no irrigation, sharp drainage .I would freeze quickly in the UK Not Summer..


  7. Kris P says:

    It sounds as though you’ve had a rough couple of weeks, between losing your dog and your husband’s illness. Those events on top of the pandemic and the political climate can’t have been easy and I hope you’ve taken care of yourself along the way Amelia. Today’s vase is gorgeous. I envy you both the lovely grass and the attention-grabbing bromeliad flower.

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  8. Cathy says:

    That is so striking with the vertical flower spike and the grasses together. Gorgeous colours too. I hope November is a better month for you and that your husband is feeling better soon. I hadn’t realised he had been ill. All the best!

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