Six on Saturday – Growing Toads.

Florida, the southern part, is backwards on summer gardening. We do it in the winter. I am trying several new ventures in vegetable gardening this year. Growing toads was not my idea, but I found one sitting on my tomato seedlings this week. I am hoping this is not a Bufo Toad, very poisonous to dogs and mine are always, ears up saying “What’s that” This toad hopped away before I could get a good look at it.

A Riesentraube tomato seedling, I put these in the sun to germinate and the seedlings are much sturdier than the first batch. This is a cherry tomato – from Germany!

San Marzano tomato seedlings, these were leggy, so I read up and followed suggestions to replant the seedlings deeply in new, fluffy seed mix. Seems to be working.

A new seed starting tray, arrived with a dry pellet in each cell that is soaked with water before planting and then self-waters from the bottom. I decided to forgo the plastic roof as the humidity outside should suffice. I put it in on my front porch, a sunny spot with bottom heat from the pavers. The seeds were planted on Monday. Parsley in under the foil, I have Verbena bonariensis, Nasturtiums, Zinnia ‘Zinderella’, Borage, Pink Double Click Cosmos and Apple Blossom Snapdragons. I have had very little luck seeding these directly in the garden. Borage, Zinnias and Cosmos have germinated.

The area for vegetables is currently under solarization to get rid of bad nematodes. Summer vegetables can be planted around September 15 here, the cooler season lettuce, peas, etc a bit later. I will plant bush beans, radishes, snow peas and some lettuce in here. The tomatoes are going into pots this year. The rabbits ate most of my crops last year, so I have a 24″ reed fence to put around the vegetables, I have a bad feeling about putting Borage within rabbit reach.

Another fall chore, pruning the Bougainvillea. While pruning, I spied this native Tillandsia growing on the trunk. The Boug, severely pruned a week ago has already started to put out flowers.

That is my six for this Saturday. To visit more gardens with six items of interest on Saturday, go to

Happy Gardening.


7 comments on “Six on Saturday – Growing Toads.

  1. Keep us posted on how your veggies are doing. I’ll be starting my lettuce planter soon. We are finally getting a break in the weather and the temps are going down to the 80’s.

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    You’re having spring like in the southern hemisphere. 😉 That’s a pretty patterned toad!

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    That is cool that Tillandsias are native. They are available and inexpensive, so we tried a few at work. They do surprisingly well, but needs to be misted. My first Spanish moss was mulch in some sort of orchid. I did not know what it was until the orchid was planted outside, and the Spanish moss started to hang out of the pot. I could spread that stuff around a bit more where it will survive. It does not like aridity at all.

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  4. March Picker says:

    That toad must have surprised you! He looks too comfy. Amazing to read about starting tomatoes right now, although I’m still seeding here, too, just different veg. Have a good week in the garden.


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