In a Vase on Monday – House Arrest


I am feeling like I am under house arrest. This week I have been to the grocery store twice and to the vet for a rabies shot – the dog got the rabies shot. I might need one later. The garden has been my solace. I spent today finishing my pollinator and fruit border. My neighbor brought some Roselle plants (edible Hibiscus) and I replanted the Dragonfruit and am working on training it to the fence. As these things go, I discovered some terrifying large ants in the bark mulch followed by the realization I have to add irrigation if I want to actually eat a Roselle. I was cutting the Bidens (white daisies) off – they reseed to the point of never wanting to see another one of those damned things; then realized I should make a vase with them. Viola!

This vase looks a bit like Fall to me and in a way it is. The Basil, Gallardia, Celosia, Leonitis and Bidens are all producing seeds ahead of the rainy and hot weather. Here is a closer view:


The bigger orange flower is Leonitis nepetifolia. Next year I will grow more of these – I have enjoyed them in the garden this year. The white daisies are the dreaded Bidens alba, a native wildflower and great for bees and butterflies. The pink flowers are Texas Vintage Rose Celosia; chartruese seedheads are Genovese Basil; red and yellow daisies and the round seedhead are from our native Gallardia (Gallardia pulchella); tubular orange flowers are Firebush (Hamelia patens). There is a bit of Asparagus Fern in the back and some Salvia coccinea seedheads.

I wish everyone a safe and pleasant respite in their gardens. Even the beaches are closed in Florida. A friend said this gets more surreal every day. I think she is right.


15 comments on “In a Vase on Monday – House Arrest

  1. These are very surreal times. Thank goodness we have our gardens. My kids are stuck in small apartments in east coast cities that are shut down.


  2. Cathy says:

    My first thought was ‘autumnal’ too – what an interesting selection of contents, I especially like the effect of the Genovese basil. We will have to find all sorts of jobs to occupy ourselves, won’t we?

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  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures with all of us. Peace and love to you and your family!

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  4. Kris Peterson says:

    Well, as a fellow denizen of a warmer, milder climate, your arrangement doesn’t strike me as at all autumnal – it’s simply pretty and cheerful. The ants – ugh! It’s been surreal here for a time. We officially entered the Twilight Zone when the normally packed grocery shelves were stripped virtually bare, followed by an order to shelter-at-home. I took my cat for her 4th chemo treatment late last week and was required to wait in the car as she was bundled off, treated and returned to me at hour plus later. I’m trying to adapt but new challenges continue to arise.

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    • Thanks, Kris the ants turn out to be Carpenter Ants, that don’t bite. Same scene at the grocery here, very strange times we are in, though I think the gov did the right thing in CA if you read the statistics..


  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Nice vase this week, Amy. It does look like something we’d have here in late summer with all the seed heads.
    It is pretty surreal here as well. While we don’t have a lot of traffic normally, we have even less now as officials ask us to stay home unless it is essential that we go out.
    Besides, it is snowing like mad right now and at this rate, we’ll have several inches overnight. Winter isn’t done with us yet, I guess. Most of the yard was clear of snow this weekend, but the new stuff will melt quickly. It’s quite pretty in the meanwhile.
    Stay well and sane, my friend!

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    • Snow??wow, 80 degrees here and on the porch. Florida has been very recalcitrant about sending Spring Breakers home, probably bad for all involved. And unbelievable on many fronts. Glad you are chilling literally!


  6. Cathy says:

    A fabulous vase Amy! I love the Leonotis, and Bidens too… we can get an orange sort for summer pots as an annual here, but the white looks nicer. Your selection reminds me that summer is coming and I will also have some Basil and Salvia. Working in the garden is certainly the best way to stay calm and avoid all the horrendous scenarios played out constantly in the news! Take care!

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  7. Karen says:

    While the Bidens look so pretty in your vase, I wouldn’t want them in my garden. While the pollinators love them, here in Florida it is very difficult to control their spread once established because of those 1200 seeds per plant you mentioned. I’ve never seen so many of my neighbors working in their gardens, you are right…they do provide solace in these worrisome times. Stay safe and healthy.

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  8. tonytomeo says:

    It does sort of look like autumn. Maybe it is. I lost track of the days.


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