Six on Saturday – Like a Lion

March is coming in like a lion in South Florida. There is a steady 20 mph northeasterly wind blowing today. The wind is coming from the Atlantic Ocean, making it a bit chilly despite clear blue skies. I think Alan the Greyhound has the best idea about what to do this Saturday morning.


The fruit and flowers are coming along in the garden. The pineapple seems a little bigger every day.


The Pickering Mango – a condo Mango, known for small size and high yield is doing a magnificent job at both. About four feet tall; setting fruit and putting out more flowers. Last year the squirrels got 2/3 of the fruit.


My neighbor grew some Petunia exserta from seed I gave her and gifted some seedlings to my garden. The first flowers:


This grouping is next to the Petunias, it is turning into a hot colors butterfly garden. Gallardia, a little Tropical Red Salvia and Penta lanceolata. I would like some more of the Pentas, does anyone know how to propagate these? While I like this picture, the Pentas are not terribly clear, the blurry reds in the background.


Last, but not least. The obligatory Bromeliad from my garden. This is a Neoregelia with a really odd name that completely escapes me. Another one I bought somewhere for 5 bucks; its sole purpose – to catch the sunlight in the afternoon. The rest of the bed is a bit dark.


There are my Six this Saturday, to see more posts follow THE LINK to Propagator Blog.

I will be joining Alan the Greyhound in a nap shortly.

Happy Gardening.


16 comments on “Six on Saturday – Like a Lion

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I feel like Alan has the right idea, laying around the shanty. 😉

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  2. The pineapple is such a pretty pink. Alan has the right idea. I was expecting sunshine today and it is cold (60’s) and cloudy. I already napped once.

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  3. janesmudgeegarden says:

    Very different offerings in your six. Are you tropical where you are, or sun-tropical? Those plants would probably grow in Sydney, but perhaps not where we are except for the Gaillardia which I do have growing.

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  4. tonytomeo says:

    I have not propagated Penta lanceolata. I believe that it is grown from cutting, but if you only want a few (and the old stems do not need to be cut back right away after your ‘winter’), you might want to try layering them. Even though the stems are short, they are low to the ground, so it would not take much to scratch the lower bark off, apply rooting hormone, and press the dusted section into the soil with a stone on top.

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  5. The bromeliad catches the light beautifully. I hope the squirrels leave your mangos alone this year.

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