Six on Saturday – More Bromeliads and Caterpillars

I went to a plant sale today with only cash to stop myself, I came home with 13 cents and had lunch, all in all a pretty good day.


This is one of the new Bromeliads, Vriesea ospinae gruberi, usually extremely expensive – I found this for $20, a third of the usual price. Grabbed it. Here it is in the garden, sitting in it’s pot. I may leave it here.


My first ripe Passionfruit, much tarter than expected, frozen for future cocktails.


Another new Bromeliad, Tillandsia ionantha. I am planting it a booted palm. These are flowering and new to me, I will be interested to see what happens next.


A  Lotus Leaf Begonia, people usually stop when they see this, the leaves are about a foot wide. Flowers are white and less thrilling than the foliage.


The latest butterfly in waiting in my garden, this is a Long Tailed Skipper caterpillar. I  did not know what it was and thought it was a pest, several have folded the leaves on pole beans. I posted it on Facebook, a fellow enthusiast identified the caterpillar so I left them alone. I had the butterflies all  summer and look forward to more.


That is my Six for this Saturday. To see six gardening related photos from gardens around the world follow this Link to Propagator!!

Happy Gardening!!


14 comments on “Six on Saturday – More Bromeliads and Caterpillars

  1. abbeyj23 says:

    Beautiful broms! I have a couple of Tillandsia ioanthas too. They’re very interesting! Thanks for posting 💚

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Ooh, lovely purchases! Always a thrill to bring new plants home. 🙂


  3. tonytomeo says:

    $20?! Wow, I was feeling guilty for spending $6 on some seed for dwarf palmetto.

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  4. That is a good plan to just use cash.

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  5. Karen says:

    Now that is what I call successful shopping. 😊

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