Six on Saturday – Winter Color


This is a Blushing Bromeliad (Neoregelia carolinae); they only blush in winter the rest of the year the foliage is solid green.

Here is another Bromeliad – the Hallelujah Billbergia, it’s flowers  are red, white and blue later in the year and are quite a sight with the purple spotted foliage. The green coloration comes out in winter.


The fruit of Candy Portea Bromeliad, it flowers in the fall, the fruit is purple at first and later turns white. The foliage is also purple, so this is a striking plant.


Real fruit in the form of a pole bean. I love fresh green beans and am looking forward to this.


Seedheads on a Sweet Begonia (Begonia odorata ‘Alba’). I like the seeds as well as the flowers and use them in arrangements.


It has been a surprisingly rainy dry season and here is the proof – a Rain Lily.


That is my Six for this Saturday, for more photos of six things from gardens around the world, go to host blog, here is the link.The Propagator


7 comments on “Six on Saturday – Winter Color

  1. I will have to experiment with bromeliads! I am going to have a go with succulents in my house again too. They do amazing in my garden! But, my house not so much! Love your antique red planter too!

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  2. Rain lilies in the winter? How nice. I hope your beans do well. I miss growing veggies, especially after going through the Burpee catalog today.

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  3. Hallelujah Billgergia is the most wonderful plant name and the flowers sound as bizarre as the name. I hope you’ll feature it later in the year.


  4. Lora Hughes says:

    Someone else featured the seed heads of rain lily this week, so a very pleasant surprise to see your photo, which shows such wonderful detail. Also a great photo of how the pole bean wraps around the pole behind the lovely flowers. Those bromeliads sound colourful in other seasons. Don’t forget to feature them when it happens!

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