Six on Saturday – Too Windy


I have a Florida Box Turtle family in my garden, this one was scurrying (as fast as a turtle can scurry) away from me as I snapped the picture.

I have planted some seeds for lettuces and root vegetables and wanted to plant more, but the wind has been blowing steadily about 20 mph seemingly for the last week. Here are some Arugula seedlings, they need a major thinning, I dropped the seed packet into the pot.


Winter brings a new color to Bromeliad foliage. These are Super Fireball Neoregelias, they are green in summer and go to reds and greens during the winter.


Winter also brings some new and different flowers, these are buds on a Dracaena reflexa.


The New Zealand Flax Lily (Dianella) has finally started flowering. It suffered through the summer sitting on the ground without a pot. Amazing survivor.


My one Passionfruit. I planted a Passiflora edulis vine for larval hosting of butterflies. I have seen very few butterflies on it, two flowers and one fruit. I am interested to taste the fruit; it has been ripening for at least a month and I am told you must wait until they fall off to eat them. I hope I see it before the turtle does.


That is my Six on Saturday, for more posts go to to see six items of interest from gardens all over the world.

Happy Gardening.


8 comments on “Six on Saturday – Too Windy

  1. That is interesting that your turtles stay around. Do the dogs leave them alone? I think the turtles in my yard come and go, although there used to be one that I saw several times. It had a scar on its shell, so I recognized him.

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    It’s so neat that you have turtles. I rarely see them here and only during breeding season when I stop to assist their crossing the road so they won’t get hit.

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  3. Lora Hughes says:

    Definitely be patient w/the passion fruit, as it’ll be rather tasteless in a watery way if picked too soon. They’re moderately sweet when ripe, tho. I greatly admire your New Zealand flax lily for surviving w/o a pot! It’s bloom is rather sweet, too.


  4. tonytomeo says:

    Passion fruit used to grow in small orchards where Beverly Hills in the region of Los Angeles is now. The vines still grow wild where they can. They are not easy to kill. Yet, I have never seen the fruit on the vines. It is something that I have never grown in my own garden, and likely never will. It is even less productive here, after a slightly longer dormancy.

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