Six on Saturday – Waiting for Dorian

I live on the Atlantic side of South Florida and for most of this week, we have been watching now Hurricane Dorian forecasts. Our area has gone from obliteration to partial obliteration, currently, the storm is predicted to not hit us, no obliteration! At least for this morning. I took photos of things that might be blown away by the wind.

First, my Dombeya, it is a tropical version of a Hydrangea. I have been pruning it into a tree form all summer. These flower in December with pink balls hanging below the branches.


Second, a pink Tropical Red Salvia (Salvia coccinea) – these can flower white, pink, red or neon orange. I enjoy the little color surprises from the seedlings.


Next, the Blanchetiana Bromeliads in bud. These flower stalks are about 6 feet tall and will survive high winds, blooming while bent over later this fall.



Fourth, the Red Shrimp Plant (Justicia brandegeana). These are a Florida passalong plant that came from my neighbor, they bloom off and on year round.


The flower of Setcresea pallida, Purple Hearts, these tend to appear in the garden and I enjoy their purpleness.


Last, the native Chapman’s Goldenrod (Solidago chapmanii, I think) Chapman was an early plant explorer in Florida and many native plants carry his name.


Happy Gardening, I hope all these plants are here next Saturday.


22 comments on “Six on Saturday – Waiting for Dorian

  1. Waiting on a storm is the worst. I was surprised to see that it is shifting. Hopefully, it will only skirt the east coast.

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  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Fingers crossed, hoping you are spared!

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  3. Lovely, lovely plants! The purple hearts grow rampant in my garden and it certainly adds a pop of color! You have fantastic bromeliads!

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  4. March Picker says:

    Such tropical beauties! It’s fun to see a completely different variety of goldenrod from what I’ve planted here in the PNW. Stay safe!

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  5. Cath Moore says:

    lovely set for SoS…wishing you all the best during this unsettled time. Cath@Home

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  6. Noelle says:

    Some great colours….isn’t it wonderful to be able to view plants from different climatic zones? Hope you escape with little damage from the storm.

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  7. One Man And His Garden Trowel says:

    Lovely colours. I hope your garden survives the hurricane unscathed.

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  8. Christina says:

    Keep safe; there have been thunderstorms all around us this past week and all we got was 1 short shower that hardly wet the soil, friends only about 5 miles away had 25 mm of rain in half an hour. I know that will be nothing compared to your tropical storm but it shows how you can just miss the rain sometimes.

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  9. tonytomeo says:

    Wow, I am sorry I missed it. By now, it is stalled over Freeport. I sounds like the rain must be excessive. All these flowers have likely taken a beating.

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  10. Susan K. Hagen says:

    I hope the storms continue to skirt east north-east of you. The season is certainly not over. Here is central Alabama, we are hoping for some rain, but not the deluges that have hit some places.

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