Funky Florida Flora – Snake Plants

This is my side yard. When I moved to South Florida and rounded the corner of my new (old) house I could hardly believe my eyes.

Brain says “Snake Plant”, a person from much further north says “Not possible”. Oh, but it is. I would guess there is a ten-foot wide band of Snake Plant alongside my house- yes, Sansiveria and/or Mother in Law’s Tongue and the band is at least a hundred feet long. And they flower. I have cut them for arrangements, not a particularly long-lasting flower, but kind of interesting.

House plants run amok. One has to wonder, did someone throw out Snake Plant a hundred years ago and this is the result.

Snake Plants are considered invasive in South Florida. I have managed to make a dent in some of them:


Yes, that is a pile of Snake Plants in front of a Bobcat (not the feline version) It is strange to me that we (my husband and I) would rather look at a telephone pole than all the Snake Plants and assorted garbage (Brazilian Peppers, another story for another day)

The Snake Plants grow running tubers (if that is a word) similar to Ginger. It is nearly impossible to pull up without breaking it and when it is broken it just reproduces – hence, the Bobcat.

Our landscapers are now mowing over the tubers weekly; we will see if the mowing actually helps.

I read somewhere a Snake Plant as a houseplant will clean the air. This means having one of these things in my house – and watering it. Um, no.

I am going to pass on that and use them in a vase. One less for the Bobcat. Here is a Vase with Snake Plant.



14 comments on “Funky Florida Flora – Snake Plants

  1. tonytomeo says:

    I have heard about that getting a bit too aggressive there. It is hard to imagine. It is such a mild mannered houseplant. I do not grow it outside. It grows outside in Los Angeles, but does not spread aggressively.

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  2. Well, that has me thinking because of what I did. I was very excited that a piece of snake plant I threw in the yard rooted and started to grow. But, it was been there for years and has grown very slowly. The Arrowhead I let loose (I mentioned to you before) can’t be killed. The next people that buy this house are going to love me!

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  3. This made me laugh. Florida is a different planet. That makes you an alien, Queen.

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    And guess what? When the leaves are cut and put in water, they easily root!
    I do keep them as houseplants and if not repotted, they will split a pot with their roots. One very hardy plant! All of mine are overdue for repotting, half of which will be tossed.

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  5. Looks great in a vase, though!


  6. Karen says:

    If not kept under control, Brazilian Peppers and Snake Plants could easily take over every square inch of Florida.

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