Funky Florida Flora – Little Harv


Another of my garage sale finds, ‘Little Harv’ has been graciously flowering and producing pups for the past five years or so. An Aechmea Bromeliad created in South Florida in 1978, ‘Little Harv’ is fairly common in landscapes in this area. I would hate to see Big Harv as the little one can reach almost 4 feet of height.

Here is a close up of the bud, you can see the prickly edges of the silvery foliage and its coloration. The bud started up about a month ago and the flower opened two weeks ago and will usually last a few more weeks.



7 comments on “Funky Florida Flora – Little Harv

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Amazing that it gets to 4′ – that’s huge!

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  2. I wish our garage sales had great plants.

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  3. tonytomeo says:

    Pretty sweet. The only common bromeliads that do well outside here are Billbergia nutans. There are more in Southern California, but not many, and they don’t look as happy as yours do.


  4. Karen says:

    Would you believe that I don’t have in bromeliads in my Florida garden. My landscaper discouraged me because of mosquitoes. I think I’m going to plant some anyway.

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    • I believe it. Just put some bT in the cups of the Bromeliads, that will take care of the mosquitoes and wash the leaves out every now and then. I usually get some major Dragonfly swarms in the summer. Mosquitoes gone.

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