The First Sign of Fall


Fall is greatly anticipated in South Florida. Humidity and temperatures um, fall. And we love it.

Here is the first sign. Berries on the Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana). The butterflies have been enjoying these flowers and now I will enjoy the fruit. Floridians (not me) make jelly from the berries (usually described as astringent). If I find some jelly, I will buy it – having recently learned about Jamtinis, you guessed it fruity cocktails –Jamtini ideas. 

73 Days until October 15. The usual date for our first cold front.

It’s time to plant vegetable seeds! And have a Jamtini.


11 comments on “The First Sign of Fall

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    My beauty-berry isn’t as full as yours (we’re on the northern edge of its range), but its berries are lovely all the same.
    I’ve been thinking about fall lately, too. It’s been so sticky and humid these days (FL weather!) and our one window AC is in one room and barely does its job. I sit in front of the fan most of the day. My energy isn’t up for much else! So yeah, let the time fly to October!

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  2. I will need to check the ones around here. I don’t think they are close to being ripe.

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  3. George Rogers says:

    so lurid coloration…how many berries in nature look like that…

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  4. Chloris says:

    Lovely berries, but I’m not ready to think about autumn yet.

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