A Home for a Lonely Christmas Tree


I am not quick about getting the Christmas decorations up. Anyone who knows me is aware I detest fake, silk or faux plants. So, the wreath on my front door is always real and never hangs around very long. South Florida is not kind to cut foliage hanging outdoors in the sun. This particular wreath is hanging in sling with a bottle of water holding Saw Palmetto, dried Bromeliad flowers, Brazilian Pepperberries, Frazier Fir and a dried miniature Pineapple.

I try to remember to buy a Christmas tree on Monday as fresh trees are delivered on Monday and the least amount of time spent broiling in the sun on an asphalt parking lot the better. This year it slipped my mind and I managed to wait until the Monday before Christmas. Oops, no fresh trees and what was left over was well, less than optimum. I sorted through the Frazier Firs marveling that the needles were still bending and not brown at all. Then decided to see if anything else appealed to me to use as a tree. Podocarpus and Palms are just too far afield to use as a Christmas tree.

Back I went to the Frazier Firs, finding one in reasonably good shape and looking a bit forlorn I was checking for a price tag. Not one to be found. I went inside and asked the cashier who replied ‘they’re free, we are trying to get rid of them’

Minutes later I was dragging the tree through the parking lot and a lady stopped to help me. I told her about it and she was off to the Christmas tree tent. Hopefully all the trees found homes.


Merry Christmas!


4 comments on “A Home for a Lonely Christmas Tree

  1. Not bad for a free tree. We went to artificial in our Texas heat. The AC is back on and everything here is dripping in humidity. No Christmas sweaters this year. Have a good Christmas!

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  2. Chloris says:

    I’m like you, I hate anything faux and tacky. I am a bit bah humbug about Christmas and blingy decorations. I always think what an amazing outside, garden tree I could buy for the price of a Christmas tree that will die all over my carpet and then get thrown out.. I am full of admiration for you managing to get a free one.And your door wreath thingy is lovely. Happy Christmas Amy.


    • Well, I asked my husband for a Screw Pine for Christmas (Pandanus)! he shook his head and said “What?” thank you, I think the wreath thingy is properly referred to as a swag, a door swag. It took me a long time to figure that out- Happy Christmas to you.


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