In A Vase on Monday – Frangipani and Fennel Failure



The promise of the eventuality of summer is evidenced by the Frangipani starting to flower in South Florida. The Frangipani in this vase is Bridal Bouquet, a columnar, semi evergreen variety I have come to love in my garden. It is not as fragrant as other Frangipani but the evergreen foliage and form of the plant make up for any shortcomings in fragrance. I have been waiting to see what color the larger Frangipani in my garden are and blast it they are white as well. So, I am in the market for some more colorful friends for the white flowers.


The failure in this vase is the Fennel, the chartreuse starbursts looking like Dill or Queen Annes Lace. I have been trying to grow culinary Fennel for years from seed. It gets about half the size of a grocery store Fennel and then bolts. I think the climate here is just wrong for Fennel, but have enjoyed eating the foliage and using it in flower arrangements.20160515_135536

The Burgundy foliage is from my latest Bromeliad bargain. Not a clue what it is. Bargain Bromeliad $5, named specimen, $40. I can live without knowing the name and to me, part of the fun of gardening is seeing what happens next. The other foliage is my everpresent Boston Fern or more likely its evil lookalike tuberous Asian Ferns.

Here is the Bromeliad, burgundy with chartreuse spots, a perfect foil for the yellow green Fennel flowers. If anybody knows its name, please let me know.


The smoke grey glass vase was from a bargain store near my house bought years ago when I was overrun by a beautiful but much too enthusiastic Red Alstroemeria. The red and gold flecked flowers looked wonderful in the vase, I had a smoke grey glass vase full of Alstroemeria all summer for years.


29 comments on “In A Vase on Monday – Frangipani and Fennel Failure

  1. Is Frangipani the same as Plumaria?


  2. Chloris says:

    Frangipani, how exotic! I do have one which was a cutting of a lovely dark pink one from a friend’ s garden in Martinique. It is 5 years old and grows taller and taller each year, but no flowers, perhaps we don’ t have enough sun here. I love that white one although I have noticed it is not so fragrant, but it makes a beautiful shrub and how lovely it looks in your pretty vase. The whole thing is very elegant, I love it.


  3. Oh I love the Frangipani blooms….and the foliage is equally beautiful. The fennel is a nice addition too. Even here in a cooler climate fennel is hard to grow but mine did bounce back this year so I will get foliage and flowers.

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  4. George Rogers says:

    The poor plain fern feels to ignored.


    • Well, George, here is some design BS. You must have some neutral green so the eye can rest and take in the highly colored foliage. (I never got on board with the eye resting business)


  5. Gorgeous colour combination.


  6. Cathy says:

    Gosh, that is SO white against the contrasting dark foliage. Most elegant, as Chloris says


  7. Gillian says:

    A lovely tropical looking vase. I really enjoy your Monday flowers because they are so different to anything I could possibly grow here. We CAN grow Fennel here in NW England. I grow Bronze Fennel (which is purple really) and keep it well away from any Dill I grow because the two intermingle and self seed then you end up with neither.


    • Thank you, I am from much further north where our gardens were more like yours, so am enjoying all this wacky tropical plant material. I live on the northern edge of truly tropical – Roses and Hydrangeas and Lilacs are out of the question here.
      How interesting about the Fennel, we had Copper fennel in Atlanta, I am not sure about the culinary fennel. I have Fennel and Dill flowering in pots on my front porch right now!


  8. FlowerAlley says:

    I have red Alstroemeria, too. It likes to sneak off into nearby beds.

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  9. A bromeliad for $5?! You never find any here at a bargain price like that. Your vase is gorgeous. Frangipangi sounds so exotic, although I’ve never seen nor smelled it in person.


    • It is weird, about the 5$ bromeliads, they are fairly easy to find but never in a nursery, garage sales, etc. Thank you – I have a question for you, do you grow Mexican Honeysuckle?


  10. Cathy says:

    I bet the Frangipani smells delicious – does it actually smell like frangipane or almond paste? Very pretty too.


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