Happy Earth Day

In honor of Spring and Earth Day, I propose we all shed something unnecessary, like this guy. I think this is a Brown Anole  Lizard and it took about a half hour to shed the skin.


I am considering shedding my design neurosis. It probably looks just like lizard skin and my sustainability would undoubtedly improve. I would save gas and the environment by not driving around looking for gray foliaged Gazanias and settle for plain green. Nah.


2 comments on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Great lizard photo. I have so many lizards and have never seen one shed. I have to say that I have my garden so full of my “automatic” plants that I rarely buy new ones anymore.


    • That was my first shedding lizard! I think he was rubbing it off on the window frame. I am seeking automatic plants myself. Still working on the pathways,etc. Have limes, lemons and tomatoes in the garden hope they make it to maturity!

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