Weirdness Wednesday

Pygmy Date Palm Flowers

I was walking through my house this morning and glanced out the side door for a moment and spied a large bird walking down the driveway. Like four feet long. Upon further study, I realized it was a Peacock! Very strange. I grabbed my camera and went out the front door to sneak up on the bird and get a picture.

And the bird was gone. Vanished. Had I dropped some acid last night and forgotten?

I did see the Pygmy Date Palm flowering and took a picture of that (above) Because, well, that is pretty weird as well.

Later I realized that Peacock must have been one of the ancestors of Frances Langford’s famous flock. Frances Langford was a movie star who lived nearby in the 1950’s and had a Polynesian style resort with a flock of Peacocks.

No acid was taken here. I did have another cup of coffee.


9 comments on “Weirdness Wednesday

  1. Chloris says:

    Weirdness Wednesday is a good title, you should start new meme. The weirdest thing in the garden this week. Or maybe a meme, Tasteless Tuesday for the most tasteless thing in the garden. That could bring some interesting responses. But your palm flower isn’ t weird, it is beautiful.


  2. How funny. I was exhausted on a road trip and thought I saw a zebra. The next time we passed by there was a sign up that said it was indeed an exotic animal ranch.


  3. You gave me two smiles with this one short post. Thanks!

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