Love Vine – Cassytha filiformis


Love Vine tendril

Love Vine tendril

Love Vine, a perfect Valentine’s Day plant.

I am taking a Florida Native Plants class and this is a new plant to me. It is very common in Florida Scrub habitat. The book describes it as a parasitic vine that looks like yellow spaghetti.

Not sure why that reminds anyone of love, being smothered in yellow spaghetti.

Love is like being wrapped in a warm blanket of pasta, maybe?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.



3 comments on “Love Vine – Cassytha filiformis

  1. mattb325 says:

    Interesting, it reminds me of the Cuscata (dodder) that you see in the UK and Australia – I’ve some in my garden trying to smother an azalea which I periodically have to lift off.
    Maybe it’s a love vine as in “I’d love for you to take this thing off me!”


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