Matchstick Bromeliad- Aechmea gamosepala


Here is the Matchstick Bromeliad, so named because the components of the flower resemble matches.

These low maintenance Bromeliads light up the garden in the winter.The Matchsticks in my garden bloom in December-January and possibly February. As is with many things, it depends on the weather as to what and when these do their thing. The foliage is on the yellow-green side and shiny, providing a good year round addition to the garden. Slowly, (for Florida take that with a grain of salt) these form masses of color for the winter. I have mine planted alongside Blue Daze Evolvulus and have enjoyed the combination. The Blue Daze generally bloom all winter but will slow down in a cold snap.
These bromeliads are native to Brazil, like many others. They enjoy some sun and humidity. Sort of like me.




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