The Next Project

Unfortunately, there is always a next project.  I am not so sure this is unfortunate, It is another one of those double edged swords. Would you rather have something interesting to do – or nothing. OK, if you are thinking nothing, then you are really out of it. So, another project is good.

Mine is, the side yard of our house. Which, unfortunately, has some peculiar restraints. OK, we have a gigantic propane tank. This came with the house and really I am not ready to say I like this thing. It is, after all, a tank of explosive gas really close to the house to provide fuel for a fireplace?? I live in South Florida, the reason to move here is you never want to need a fireplace and yet, here they are. The cliche Christmas story here is “we were gathered around the fire on Christmas Eve and had to go outside because it was too hot in the house” Thus far, I have not started a fire in the house during the holidays – or at all. 

What is existing that is good is a large Banyan Tree. Which provides nice shade but does not allow any turf. No turf is fine by me but my husband really likes the stuff. There are some wildly overgrown Arboricola Scheffeleras and Turks Cap Hibiscus (the weedy version of Hibiscus Shrub). The rest appears to be Brazilian Pepper seedlings and a weed that appears to be a scary version of Transcandentia. Perfectly nice little native wildflowers morph into invasive drama in this climate. Another existing feature is a huge swath of Snake Plants (yes, Mother In Laws Tongues) These Snake Plants still freak me out a little bit. There is probably an area of the 4-6′ wide and 200 feet deep. House Plants gone wild, and no way to ever get rid of them. The Snake Plants must be incorporated into the design. My neighbor advised “Make friends with the Snake Plants.” Time for demolition and decisions.Image.

Me being me, I am working on a plan for this. Part of my desire is to create a farmlet where I can grow vegetables and have a couple of citrus trees and maybe a Mango tree. I am on the fence about bananas. My husband despises them but will eat Banana Bread. Somebody (me) would have to eat a lot of bananas. Go figure.



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