One Lovely Blog Award

I received a delightful year end gift from one of my favorite bloggers in the UK.

Chloris of nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.

Thank you, Chloris.

One Lovely Blog Award Logo

To accept the award you must share 5 things about yourself, and nominate 5 bloggers for the award, here goes:

1.  I detest frozen precipitation of any kind.

2.  I enjoy cooking. I bake all our bread, make pasta and start thinking about dinner soon after eating lunch.

3.  I love fresh herbs on my food, my husband has begun referring to this as “yard clippings”

4.  I love dogs, Greyhounds, especially and design my gardens to accommodate the dogs.

5. I love the Ginger app because I am lousy at punctuation. I nearly flunked out of the University of Georgia for my inability to use commas (OK, that was overly dramatic – got called to the Dean’s office). If I win an Oscar for writing, I will probably say something vile about my English 101 teacher in my acceptance speech. Oddly enough, I am a good speller and misspelled words offend me.

My five favorite bloggers to nominate for this award are:

Thanks again for the nomination, Chloris.