Six on Saturday – Green

I am joining the SOS crowd this Saturday, watching for any signs of ripening fruit and not finding any. It is all green. The tomatoes are especially frustrating- green for weeks, and it hasn’t been cold. Temperatures were in the high 80’s (31 C) yesterday, so maybe the intermittent heat is slowing them down?

All tomatoes I have planted are red, yellow or purple when ripe. Yet they all look like this now and there are a lot of them. Grrr.

Red Bell Peppers, resolutely green. I have high hopes for these, when they turn red.

Craspedia or Woolyheads. This should be yellow flowers, yet they are slammed shut.

Tiny miniature pineapples. Too cute to be mad at.

Glenn Mangoes, fruit set and growing.

Thai Dessert Mangoes, Nam Doc Mai, setting fruit.

Well, sooner or later I will be eating Mango Salsa!

That is it from South Florida. To see more SOS posts, visit Jim at

Happy Gardening!!

16 comments on “Six on Saturday – Green

  1. fredgardener says:

    South Florida is still so attractive! Your tomatoes will quickly be ripe with the temperatures you have. This little pineapple is really cute, you’re right, and the colors are fantastic

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  2. Jon M. Davis says:

    Amy it looks like Florida is having the same wide temp swings we are having in Atlanta this year. We have had tree blooms and flowers fall every week. I think we are starting to be more stable. Good luck with the fruits and veggies

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  3. All growing well, need patience with gardening, they will ripen when they want to!!

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  4. Eliza Waters says:

    “Annnn-ticipation, making me wait-ait-ait…” 😉

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  5. tonytomeo says:

    Even during the warmth of summer, the nights get cooler here. It makes the climate very appealing and comfortable for those of us who live here, but horticulturally, it inhibits development of the flavor of some fruits that prefer sustained warmth. I never noticed a problem, but it is what I am accustomed to. Anyway, even tomatoes do not develop excellent flavor, they continue to ripen, even with mild temperatures.

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  6. Cathy says:

    They say you have to be patient to be a gardener 😉. (But I find that the older I get the less patient I am!) Anyway, that salsa will be worth the wait I am sure. Is it much cooler at night? I must say, 31°C sounds like heaven to me at the moment as our temperatures have dropped back down to a 3°C daytime high!

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  7. It is so hard to wait.

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